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Main Characters

Gray Rakuen

Age- 17
Hair- Purple
Eyes- Dark Blue
Type- Human
Family- One mother and one father
Likes- Peace and quiet, Reading, food, girls XD
Dislikes- Pokemon, Noise, Annoying things
Bio- Usually grumpy at his Pokemon for their antics, likes peace and quiet, he's never had a single girlfriend in his life so he's a little deprived, has nosebleeds whenever he sees someone really cute (girl OR boy), Gray claims that he hates Pokemon but he's slowly warming up to his new companions


Age- (Physically) 8-9
Hair- Blue
Eyes- Green
Type- Totodile
Family- ???
Likes- Master Gray, playing, making friends, eating
Dislikes- Those who make master unhappy, master being unhappy, pain
Bio- Friendly, cheerful and full of life


Age- (Physically) 15
Hair- Brown
Eyes- Silver
Type- Kabutops
Family- ???
Likes- Battles, the sky, master Gray, cross-dressing
Dislikes- Strangers, those who make Gray unhappy, girls
Bio- He's a quiet and calm sort of Pokemon unless something upsets him, gets overprotective and jealous easily, a bit petty and very stubborn


Age- (Physically) 17
Hair- Red
Eyes- Dark Emerald
Type- Blaziken
Family- Previous master
Likes- Shopping, training, dreaming
Dislikes- Missile members, Beedrill
Bio- Proud, confidant and cocky, he's the type who is easy to get along with as long as you don't piss him off, refuses to give up


Age- (physically) 16
Hair- Saddle Brown
Eyes- Cobalt Violet
Type- Eevee
Family- Mother, Father and an older brother
Likes- Being useful, being around others
Dislikes- Being alone, being weak
Bio- She always wanted her own trainer but because her stats suck no one would take her so she vowed to become stronger


Age- (Physically 19)
Hair- Dark blue
Eyes- Blue
Type- Ampharos
Family- None
Likes- Women
Dislikes- Getting dirty
Bio- A very vain and selfish Pokemon
Likes to act cool for the ladies and grooming himself


Age- (Physically) 16
Hair- Black
Eyes- Bright Blue
Type- Lucario
Family- A Father/Mother (?)
Likes- Hugging people, piggyback rides, Gray, dancing
Dislikes- Dark type Pokemon
Bio- A very enthusiastic and forceful Pokemon, Wem always wants things to go their way and will throw a fuss if it doesn't

Other Characters


Age- Unknown, probably early 20s
Hair- Green
Eyes- Gray-Blue
Type- Human
Family- ???
Likes- Shoes, stealing Pokemon, working for the Boss
Dislikes- Getting dirty, Failure
Bio- ...So very gay...


Age- Unknown, Probably late teens
Hair- Dark Blonde
Eyes- Raspberry purple
Type- Human
Family- ???
Likes- His hat, missions, his tech, his partner
Dislikes- Anyone who harms his hat
Bio- Tomas is the more...normal-ish one of this Missile pair, More serious about his work and doesn't waste his time clothes shopping

Master of Death
(He named himself that, called MoD for short)

Age- (Physically) 15-16
Hair- Pink
Eyes- White
Type- Cherrim
Family- ???
Likes- Missile, bullying others
Dislikes- Failures, weaklings
Bio- Very cold and grumpy, doesn't like people much and his greatest dream is for all of the world to bow at his little feet

(Hates her name and prefers to be called Mawile)

Age- (Physically) 17
Hair- Black
Eyes- Venetian Red
Type- Mawile
Family- ???
Likes- Fighting, beating up people weaker than her
Dislikes- Being insulted
Bio- Sassy, quick tempered and very prideful

(Though everyone just calls him Jolteon)

Age- (Physically) 18
Hair- Electric Yellow
Eyes- Black
Type- Jolteon
Family- A mother, father and little sister
Likes- Unknown
Dislikes- People who hurt those he cares about
Bio- He's a really dazed and easy-going kinda guy who doesn't seem to care too much about anything in particular, also has a weird sense of priorities